Saturday, May 30

It's been knit: Stealth knitting

These are actually quite old. I started them way back when and only recently finished them up. They were a slower goin project.And sadly you get no details. :) Well some but none that you care about. :)

My own pattern (hence the no details)
Catnip Yarns Licorice Twist
Now that they are safely in the intended person's hands I can show pictures. She's had them for a bit but ummm....I'm a big ol' slacker. Shocker huh? :)
Up next: A washrag (oooo!), some sock progress (ahhh!), and baby sweaters galore (eeeee! though only one is intended to stay at my house).

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Erin said...

I was thinking about putting them in a vinegar bath in the microwave to see if that would help see the color. Do you think I have to wash them to get the lanolin out first? Or could I just chuck them in there as is?