Tuesday, September 27

It's been knit: Another Pixie Hat

My love for this hat seems to grow daily. I shared the blue one elsewhere online and got a speedy request for another one. This time sized for a 9 month old. Just so happens the lady asking for one LOVES green and since I had quite a bit leftover from the longies and tassle hat.

Sept.27 040

I still have some left (note: that's 2 skeins of Manos for one pair of small longies, a small hat, and a 17 inch circ. hat plus more for another small project). I'm thinking of saving it for a felted Christmas tree this year.

Sept.27 041

I kept the button detail to a minimum this time. Seeing as it's intended for a small child I figured that was the best way to go. The buttons are from the batch I bought at Micheal's a bit ago and I'm happy to see they worked out perfectly in terms of color.

Sept.27 038

I did make the strap a bit longer than the pattern calls for and I added 2 extra button holes (total of 3). Since she wanted a medium for growing room I figured the strap should have growing room as well. I only buttoned it on the 1st and 2nd hole for these pictures.

Sept.27 043

I did the back seam differently this time. I couldn't find my darning needle so I opted for a 3 needle bind off. I like the look and my internal seam is quite smooth and flat.

Another hat to love.

Stats: Pixie Hat

Yarn: Manos (see other posts)
Needles: 8
Deets: 3 needle bind off, garter tab and button closure, 9 month/17 inch circ.

Tuesday, September 20

7.5 of 17.5

Sept.20 015

That would be an entire skein of Malabrigo in Butter. 7.5 hexagons with a bit left over for seaming things together. Not sure if I'll do half ones (this was a tester) but so far I'm thinking it's a yes. Total I have 17.5 and based on the layout I did the other night I can do significantly less than I originally planned. Which is great. I only need to do 2-3 a day which seems MUCH more doable. Changing my daily number also means I'm less behind than I though. Woot! Doing a layout meant needing to do math to figure out how many skeins I'd need. I'm going to need a lot more. I bought 6 the day I started and if I only get 7.5 out of each skein (assuming they all make the same amount...HA!) I'm only getting 45 total. Which would make a decent rug in your bathroom but not much more. I'm aiming for 225 (counting all the half pieces as well). We shall see.

I have some yarn that's been on the wheel for sometime now. It's a gorgeous yellow varigated and I bought it along with a solid yellow. They are brighter than the current blanket colors but I'm seriously contemplating finishing the yarn up and using it as well. I'm thinking I'll need more yellows to offset the darker colors but I may be getting ahead of myself.

I'm plugging along. I'm not working on much else really so I have no choice. I think I'll start a hat tonight. Another request for the Pixie Hat has been made. :)

Thursday, September 15

Thursday's Knits

Thursday's are about to get very focused. Not only do I need to work on Lepidoptera but I added on another large scale project.

Sept.15 015

Behold! The beginnings of Beekeeper's Quilt.

As written, the quilt is made in sock yarn on US 4's. I have high hopes for this though (I want to finish it in time for a Christmas present) so I changed things up. I have a thicker yarn (all of it is worsted though some is on the thinner end of it), larger needles (8's), and more stitches.

The intended Giftee is not a bright and bold color loving gal. I knew a hive-y themed color grouping was what was needed. I headed over to the LYS to browse and as I rounded the corner to the sale room I saw the perfect ones.

Beekeeper 005

So going left to right and top to bottom I got:
Lorna's Laces in Patina
Lorna's Laces in Monkeyshines
Malabrigo in Butter
Lorna's Laces in Magnificent Mile
Madeline Tosh in Ginger
Malabrigo in Rich Chocolate

So far the colors are playing together PERFECTLY. Tonight I'll be working on that. To finish it in time I need to do at least 4 a day. 5 would be better. I'm already behind though so I'm looking forward to going to knitting night tonight. I'm hoping to crank out quite a few. If I can get caught up (and then some) I'll start alternating between this and Lepidoptera. I know it's only September but it feels good to have Christmas presents off to a start. I only have one other thing I want to get done in time (a stocking for the youngest)so I'm feeling optimistic.

What are you working on this week?

Friday, September 9

It's been knit: Pixie Hat

Since last night was knitting night I worked on a couple projects. Mostly a gift hat. I am so happy with the way it turned out. The color, the feel, the buttons. Love it all. The pattern is Small Things Bonnet by SweetMama-SmallSugar. I opted for the Pixie version (there is a rounded one as well) and since it was intended for an adult I did the largest size. I think the best part of the pattern is the slipped stitch edge. Makes for great lines. On to the pics!

Knitting 002

I debated on the closure. Since it's for an adult it's not really super important. I can trust that she won't yank it off on the playground and toss it under the bench. The pattern has 2 choices. Button tab or icords. As you can see, I opted for buttons (which by the way were/are on sale at Micheal's in small packs for $1.50). Since it needed a bit more punch I stuck some on the back as well. No function. Just because.

Knitting 003

The back has a bit of short row work to add some shaping. The very bottom curves in and sits closer to the back of the head and neck.

Knitting 004

The garter ridge edge goes around the entire thing. The pattern is knit flat and in one piece. You start with the front piece and once you pick up stitches for the body of the hat the slipped edge is displayed nicely. It really is my most favorite part. The slipped stitches just give such a clean line.

Knitting 005

It goes out into the mail tomorrow and hopefully gets there nice and quick. I just got her address and she said the timing is perfect as the weather has started to turn. I hope it fits. No matter how long I have been knitting, I suffer from fit paranoia. Will it fit? Will it be too big or too small? If it does fit, will they like how it sits on their body? I know it will. My paranoia is unfounded. I can't be the only one though!

Thursday, September 8

Thursday's bag

Knitting 002

Secret Yellow Sock: Worked on it last week and am past the short row heel and into the leg. Pondering the Secret Ribbing I want for the cuff. I decided not to short myself and got another skein of the yarn (to be revealed later) for the second sock. This way I can make the leg and cuff as long as my little heart desires. :)

Surprise Hat: Blue Araucania but can't remember which one. It is one of their heavenly blends. I can't find my tag so I have every intention of snapping a pic of a skein at the store tonight. The Surprise part is for the intended person but since I am fairly certain she does not read here I'll be sharing pics. What you see there is what I managed to get done this afternoon. Only a few more inches and some shaping and its done.

Christmas Lepidoptera: Haven't touched it for a bit. Lucky for me I have sticky notes on the desktop to remind me of where I left off. The yarn (Malabrigio sock in color 810 Cordovan) is nice and springy when held double but a little harsh on my finger when held single. It's a deterrant. That and the lack of focus I've been able to muster. :)

Wednesday, September 7

The proof is in the swatch

You know I'm talking about gauge so just go ahead and groan now. Every knitter on every blog has mentioned gauge at some point or another right? It bears repeating.

When size and fit matter, do a gauge swatch. Got that? When size and fit matter,DO A GAUGE SWATCH.

As a new knitter I often thought that was ridiculous and so long as I had a similar yarn (if using a sub) I would be fine. I've smartened up a bit since then and know that isn't always true.

I have pictures today. Luckily size and fit weren't super important. The item is intended for a baby and the difference worked in my favor.

Same pattern, same weight yarn, same needles, and same mods were made. Both are newborn sized.

Sept.7 004

Sept.7 007

Sept.7 006

Pretty amusing huh? So again, when fit is important, do the swatch.

And just as a bonus....the newest FO.

Sept.7 001

Friday, September 2

It's been knit: Tassle Hat

Knitting 002

To say I am in love with this hat is an understatement. It makes me SQUEE! outloud. The yarn (it matches the longies a couple posts down) is beyond perfect for it. The squish and color and softness. To die for.

Knitting 001

Not much more to be said about it other than it was in the knitting bag last night. I ended up needing to buy another skein to finish it off. A couple days ago I had too little yarn and today I am left with an excess of it. What should I do with it? I don't think I'll use it again (for no real reason other than not wanting to have a repeat) but who knows. Maybe a giveaway? Not sure anyone would want an almost-full-but-not-quite skein of some VERY bright and happy greens. I'll ponder it a bit. In the meantime the hat makes me happy and giggly. Everyone needs a tassle hat.

Thursday, September 1

Thursdays are mine

Sept1 012

It's knitting night at my LYS tonight. From 6-9pm I get to just think of knitting, knit, and talk knitting if I so desire.

In my knitting bag: shorties to show off, a secret sock, a sweater/Christmas gift, and an unfinished hat that needs more yarn to be finished.

What's in your bag these days? Humor me. Comment so I don't feel like I'm talking to dead air. ;) Tell me what you're working on. If you want, leave a link to the item.