Friday, September 9

It's been knit: Pixie Hat

Since last night was knitting night I worked on a couple projects. Mostly a gift hat. I am so happy with the way it turned out. The color, the feel, the buttons. Love it all. The pattern is Small Things Bonnet by SweetMama-SmallSugar. I opted for the Pixie version (there is a rounded one as well) and since it was intended for an adult I did the largest size. I think the best part of the pattern is the slipped stitch edge. Makes for great lines. On to the pics!

Knitting 002

I debated on the closure. Since it's for an adult it's not really super important. I can trust that she won't yank it off on the playground and toss it under the bench. The pattern has 2 choices. Button tab or icords. As you can see, I opted for buttons (which by the way were/are on sale at Micheal's in small packs for $1.50). Since it needed a bit more punch I stuck some on the back as well. No function. Just because.

Knitting 003

The back has a bit of short row work to add some shaping. The very bottom curves in and sits closer to the back of the head and neck.

Knitting 004

The garter ridge edge goes around the entire thing. The pattern is knit flat and in one piece. You start with the front piece and once you pick up stitches for the body of the hat the slipped edge is displayed nicely. It really is my most favorite part. The slipped stitches just give such a clean line.

Knitting 005

It goes out into the mail tomorrow and hopefully gets there nice and quick. I just got her address and she said the timing is perfect as the weather has started to turn. I hope it fits. No matter how long I have been knitting, I suffer from fit paranoia. Will it fit? Will it be too big or too small? If it does fit, will they like how it sits on their body? I know it will. My paranoia is unfounded. I can't be the only one though!

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