Wednesday, September 7

The proof is in the swatch

You know I'm talking about gauge so just go ahead and groan now. Every knitter on every blog has mentioned gauge at some point or another right? It bears repeating.

When size and fit matter, do a gauge swatch. Got that? When size and fit matter,DO A GAUGE SWATCH.

As a new knitter I often thought that was ridiculous and so long as I had a similar yarn (if using a sub) I would be fine. I've smartened up a bit since then and know that isn't always true.

I have pictures today. Luckily size and fit weren't super important. The item is intended for a baby and the difference worked in my favor.

Same pattern, same weight yarn, same needles, and same mods were made. Both are newborn sized.

Sept.7 004

Sept.7 007

Sept.7 006

Pretty amusing huh? So again, when fit is important, do the swatch.

And just as a bonus....the newest FO.

Sept.7 001

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