Tuesday, September 20

7.5 of 17.5

Sept.20 015

That would be an entire skein of Malabrigo in Butter. 7.5 hexagons with a bit left over for seaming things together. Not sure if I'll do half ones (this was a tester) but so far I'm thinking it's a yes. Total I have 17.5 and based on the layout I did the other night I can do significantly less than I originally planned. Which is great. I only need to do 2-3 a day which seems MUCH more doable. Changing my daily number also means I'm less behind than I though. Woot! Doing a layout meant needing to do math to figure out how many skeins I'd need. I'm going to need a lot more. I bought 6 the day I started and if I only get 7.5 out of each skein (assuming they all make the same amount...HA!) I'm only getting 45 total. Which would make a decent rug in your bathroom but not much more. I'm aiming for 225 (counting all the half pieces as well). We shall see.

I have some yarn that's been on the wheel for sometime now. It's a gorgeous yellow varigated and I bought it along with a solid yellow. They are brighter than the current blanket colors but I'm seriously contemplating finishing the yarn up and using it as well. I'm thinking I'll need more yellows to offset the darker colors but I may be getting ahead of myself.

I'm plugging along. I'm not working on much else really so I have no choice. I think I'll start a hat tonight. Another request for the Pixie Hat has been made. :)

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