Thursday, September 8

Thursday's bag

Knitting 002

Secret Yellow Sock: Worked on it last week and am past the short row heel and into the leg. Pondering the Secret Ribbing I want for the cuff. I decided not to short myself and got another skein of the yarn (to be revealed later) for the second sock. This way I can make the leg and cuff as long as my little heart desires. :)

Surprise Hat: Blue Araucania but can't remember which one. It is one of their heavenly blends. I can't find my tag so I have every intention of snapping a pic of a skein at the store tonight. The Surprise part is for the intended person but since I am fairly certain she does not read here I'll be sharing pics. What you see there is what I managed to get done this afternoon. Only a few more inches and some shaping and its done.

Christmas Lepidoptera: Haven't touched it for a bit. Lucky for me I have sticky notes on the desktop to remind me of where I left off. The yarn (Malabrigio sock in color 810 Cordovan) is nice and springy when held double but a little harsh on my finger when held single. It's a deterrant. That and the lack of focus I've been able to muster. :)


Kim said...

Ohhh are you making me a hat? Do I get the surprise hat or the secret socks?? :)

. said...

Ha! No the surprise hat was the blue one posted above it and the surprise socks are a surprise because it's a pattern I'm making up as I go. Surprise! will be when I release it. lol