Friday, September 2

It's been knit: Tassle Hat

Knitting 002

To say I am in love with this hat is an understatement. It makes me SQUEE! outloud. The yarn (it matches the longies a couple posts down) is beyond perfect for it. The squish and color and softness. To die for.

Knitting 001

Not much more to be said about it other than it was in the knitting bag last night. I ended up needing to buy another skein to finish it off. A couple days ago I had too little yarn and today I am left with an excess of it. What should I do with it? I don't think I'll use it again (for no real reason other than not wanting to have a repeat) but who knows. Maybe a giveaway? Not sure anyone would want an almost-full-but-not-quite skein of some VERY bright and happy greens. I'll ponder it a bit. In the meantime the hat makes me happy and giggly. Everyone needs a tassle hat.

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