Tuesday, September 27

It's been knit: Another Pixie Hat

My love for this hat seems to grow daily. I shared the blue one elsewhere online and got a speedy request for another one. This time sized for a 9 month old. Just so happens the lady asking for one LOVES green and since I had quite a bit leftover from the longies and tassle hat.

Sept.27 040

I still have some left (note: that's 2 skeins of Manos for one pair of small longies, a small hat, and a 17 inch circ. hat plus more for another small project). I'm thinking of saving it for a felted Christmas tree this year.

Sept.27 041

I kept the button detail to a minimum this time. Seeing as it's intended for a small child I figured that was the best way to go. The buttons are from the batch I bought at Micheal's a bit ago and I'm happy to see they worked out perfectly in terms of color.

Sept.27 038

I did make the strap a bit longer than the pattern calls for and I added 2 extra button holes (total of 3). Since she wanted a medium for growing room I figured the strap should have growing room as well. I only buttoned it on the 1st and 2nd hole for these pictures.

Sept.27 043

I did the back seam differently this time. I couldn't find my darning needle so I opted for a 3 needle bind off. I like the look and my internal seam is quite smooth and flat.

Another hat to love.

Stats: Pixie Hat

Yarn: Manos (see other posts)
Needles: 8
Deets: 3 needle bind off, garter tab and button closure, 9 month/17 inch circ.


S. said...

LOVE, the pixie hat, I will have to knit one for my baby to be in December! So where's the ruffle hat you knit? I want to see :)

. said...

It's the purple one above that. :) How are you doing!? I feel like it's hit and miss getting a hold of you these days!

S. said...

Oh the side cloche hat...I thought you were talking about a baby hat with a ruffle...yes I saw your hat, looks good. I can't wear mine longer than 10 minutes without my forhead itching like crazy! I really like the hat on Scarlett too! I have had the flu...and same with kids, so I fell off the earth for awhile :) How are you!

. said...

We're doing good! I know you don't normally share your name choices but you can always text me what you have picked out you know. I mean....you have the same due date I had with Kid 3!