Thursday, September 1

Thursdays are mine

Sept1 012

It's knitting night at my LYS tonight. From 6-9pm I get to just think of knitting, knit, and talk knitting if I so desire.

In my knitting bag: shorties to show off, a secret sock, a sweater/Christmas gift, and an unfinished hat that needs more yarn to be finished.

What's in your bag these days? Humor me. Comment so I don't feel like I'm talking to dead air. ;) Tell me what you're working on. If you want, leave a link to the item.


Melissa said...

Well I don't knit. But if I had a "knitting bag" it would have a good book, chocolate, Something craftie to do and a camera!

. said...

You sew though! Did you remake the dress for Tenley yet?