Thursday, September 15

Thursday's Knits

Thursday's are about to get very focused. Not only do I need to work on Lepidoptera but I added on another large scale project.

Sept.15 015

Behold! The beginnings of Beekeeper's Quilt.

As written, the quilt is made in sock yarn on US 4's. I have high hopes for this though (I want to finish it in time for a Christmas present) so I changed things up. I have a thicker yarn (all of it is worsted though some is on the thinner end of it), larger needles (8's), and more stitches.

The intended Giftee is not a bright and bold color loving gal. I knew a hive-y themed color grouping was what was needed. I headed over to the LYS to browse and as I rounded the corner to the sale room I saw the perfect ones.

Beekeeper 005

So going left to right and top to bottom I got:
Lorna's Laces in Patina
Lorna's Laces in Monkeyshines
Malabrigo in Butter
Lorna's Laces in Magnificent Mile
Madeline Tosh in Ginger
Malabrigo in Rich Chocolate

So far the colors are playing together PERFECTLY. Tonight I'll be working on that. To finish it in time I need to do at least 4 a day. 5 would be better. I'm already behind though so I'm looking forward to going to knitting night tonight. I'm hoping to crank out quite a few. If I can get caught up (and then some) I'll start alternating between this and Lepidoptera. I know it's only September but it feels good to have Christmas presents off to a start. I only have one other thing I want to get done in time (a stocking for the youngest)so I'm feeling optimistic.

What are you working on this week?


Erin said...

love. you'll have to let me know if the joining is indeed easy, cause i hate putting things together but that is just cool.

if G ever lets me put him down long enough to knit ;)

. said...

The joining on it should be simple enough (you just put 3 next to each other and run a stitch through the corners and tie it off). It's done in such a way that if one hexagon needs replacing you can do it easy peasy. Though I did come up with a way to lessen the joining and add a bit more texture to it.

G is a good reason to not be knitting. :O)

Soo said...

Oh - I admire you for starting on your Christmas knitting now. Every year I say I'll start in time - and every year I don't! :)

Love the colours.