Thursday, October 20

Under the weather

My body (specifically my lungs) has decided to revolt against me. Also? Our camera was recently stolen so this post will be as drab as the weather is gray today.

* Almost done with the mermaid tail. After noticing the total length was supposed to be 34" and knowing that the intended kidlet was only 20.5" from waist to ground I decided to shorten it. I STILL needed another skein of the horrible yarn though. I have maybe 4 inches total left to do and the majority of that will be the waistband ribbing.
* I have 2 new skeins of yarn for the beekeeper quilt. Madeline Tosh and something else that escapes my brain fog right now. Color names and maybe a picture to come later.
* Started a second side slip cloche last night (on new needles!) in a delicious plum purple.
* While getting new beekeeper yarn I also snagged some Rowan Chunky (more like worsted). Same evening I bought Koolhass. I think they'll be a lovely match and I can't wait to get started. I've adored that pattern for far too long.

I think that's it for now. Being picture-less makes it hard for me to see what I'm wanting to share. :)

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