Friday, February 20

Used: Dragon Lady Designs

I love these little sttch markers. I was sitting here knitting with a friend one night and lost yet another stitch marker. One of my favorite ones has gone missing and it's mate was washed and fell apart. I can put it back together but haven't yet. Frustrated I thought to myself, "I should check the PhatFiber box!" Sure enough I had a few. I picked these for the bright colors. I love them! The cherries broke (the green circle part of the stem) but I was able to fix it. Note to others: don't accidentally step on these!
My favorite is the pepper. It makes me happy. I thought the yellow one was a lemon but I'm not sure. Neither is my friend. Despite being rather substantial these are quite light weight. I normally dread having to use stitch markers. They seem fumbly and get in the way etc. but these oddly enough, don't. I actually look forward to needing to use them. My friend really liked the cherries. I think I may get her some as a gift. She's a newbie knitter and just finished her first item! She deserves some loveliness. :)

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