Friday, February 27

WIP it.....

Into Shape/ Shape it up/ Get straight/ Go forward/ Move ahead/ Try to detect it/ It's not too late/ To WIP it/ WIP it good....yikes. You havin' flashbacks? I am. On bad songs and bad word play. :)

Two socks, toe up, Magic Loop style. Don't know what type of yarn it is (blogged here). 56 stitches and perfectly fitting (so far!).

Another Top Down Timothy Hat, this time for me. Out of my own lovely handspun (named Fire Gorge). Almost done! Started it last night. I noticed while looking at the husband's hat on my Ravelry page I used size 6 needles. I don't know why. The pattern calls for size 8's with yarn held doubled. I didn't do that either. I like his so much I'm continuing with the unintentional (though now intentional) alterations. This is a thicker yarn than his so hopefully it'll be as nice fitting. It's lookin awfully small.

A hybrid. Curly Purly waistband+Shoaker pattern+Picky Pants pattern (for leg portion). This is on pause as I have yet again had issues with it. Yet again? That lovely waistband has been redone three times. THREE (3). The first time I misread or miscounted (not sure which) and had 70 stitches. I needed 72. I realized this after 2 inches of 1x1 ribbing and a couple short rows and a needle change. Second time I had a hole. Not a small hole. One large enough to fit my thumb in BUT I had 72 stitches. Third time....well if I frog it it will be due to my not reading ahead and appropriately planning my project (read: short rows not lining up with the rest of the pattern details). I'm waiting to hear back on this though so we shall see.

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Erin said...

Yum, I love the colorway of that first yarn! Your handspun too, for that matter :)