Sunday, May 20

Sometimes I doubt my sanity

I have a rug that sits in my kitchen that I love. It's various shades of blue and grey with flecks of black. Sadly, it's a cheap rug and between washing it and the dog, it's starting to come apart. As it sat soaking the other night I thought about what pattern and color theme I would do if I were to ever knit one.

Insert insane idea the first. I've considered various rugs for various reasons over the years but the truth is it seems like an overwhelming and daunting project. I let the idea float on by and went about my day. I started another project that had nothing to do with knitting but included jute.

Insert insane idea the second. Jute is sturdy. It comes in a nice neutral color (brown) and is available all over the place. It's cheap. It can come in various size cones/rounds and is cheap. Have I mentioned it's cheap? Since I had leftovers from my other craft I started to wonder what I could do with it.

This is when I combined insane ideas one and two to bring about a third.

I started a jute rug this afternoon. It will be large. And when I say large, I actually mean extra large. I want it to be, roughly, the same size as the other one. I'm using the Ten Stitch Zig Zag pattern and size 10 needles. Even with that size it's hard on my hands and will be slow going. It'll be awesome though. I think. I hope.

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