Tuesday, September 5

More photos

Ok, I'm addicted to looking at my pictures today so you get two more. :)

This is the first little bit of the WHW wrap for the munchkin. It's a size medium, like I said in my other post. Not sure if I'm liking it. You know how your hands can feel overly dry when you wash dishes and they get all pruney? That's what this yarn feels like. I've been told that it gets better but at this point I'm wondering how truthful that is. It has a weird look to it. If I could get a decent up close of the blue I would. It's almost like the stitches get smeared together so I get a muddled, murky look to that section. It's very odd. I hope it gets better. The colors are also very...symetrical? It goes in a pttern.....yellow/orange, pink/blue, green/blue, blue, green/blue, pink/blue, and yellow orange. Not digging it.

And this is the new cotton that I got a bit ago. Not sure which one to use for the Kaftan. The brown and white on the far right is going to become Sesame. I'm thinking of using the Morning Glory (the one on the far left) one for kaftan. Not sure though. I got to thinking about it and the one in the middle (Sour Apple Green) would look great. Maybe more for a boy? I'm thinking the Morning Glory. Yeah, that and maybe some dark purple embroidery thread for the little embroidery that goes on it.

I am so looking forward to my winter knitting. I'm thinking of skipping knitting everyone gifts for Christmas so that I can be totally selfish and just work on projects for me and my family.

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