Wednesday, September 27

An almost finished sock

So I had no intention of taking WIP pics of my first pair of socks. I actually wasn't sure I was going to do pics at all. Not because I don't like them but because it just seems like a project best photographed when there aren't so many glaring mistakes. :)

But I'm actually liking them. I wasn't so fond of the yarn at one point. It was right after I had turned the heel and it was looking less than cool. :) Since I've worked on it and I'm almost ready to get to the toe shaping it's not turning out so bad. I really like the yarn far more on the skein than I do knitted. It's going to be an ankle sock. When I was working on the leg/body part it dawned on me that lately all I have bought are ankle socks. My favorite toe socks are also ankle socks. I figured I should probably make them ankle socks. :) This is taking longer than I wanted but only because the wee one has not felt well the last couple days and so she is taking up my knitting time.

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KnitterMa said...

ALL RIGHT! I guess they are kind of....cute. :D I like how they're knitting-up, I think you might have to do the second one!!