Wednesday, August 16

Kimono torture

About five seconds after I hit submit last time my brothers showed up with some gloriously clean fleece for me! It's not over greasy but you can still feel the lanolin and it's white. Oh boy howdy is it white! Actually more cream based but in comparison to the rest that stuff glows! I can't wait to get using this stuff. And dying. And knitting.....oh man.

I ended up frogging the right side section of the kimono. It was not turing out well at all. No matter what I did it was atrocious. So I posted on the yarn forum over at MDC and got some help. It didn't work. So I frogged some more and grabbed MD. I opened it up to look at the picture and to read the pattern. I decided to look at the instructions for the yo increase and went with that. It's turning out great! It looks a bit different from the other side but not so much that you really notice. I think I notice so much because I'm doing it. I have a couple more inches on the arm part and then start my decreases. If I can I'll likely finish it tonight, if not I'll do it on the road tomorrow. Then blocking and some seaming and you shall see a picture! DH keeps telling me to redye the yarn since it has pink in it. I told him to leave me alone about it. I figure it's small enough and going to be for a newborn that the colors won't matter. Everyone questions the gender regardless of clothing color until babies are about two or three months anyway!

Speaking of babies. Another lady I know is pregnant and a kind of friend is thinking she is. Why are they popping up everywhere? Is it because I am torn on this baby front and don't know how I feel about it? I'm jealous of this kind of friend. I've never been jealous of her. I think I shall solve my baby issues with some baby knitting....that I can mail away as sson as I finish it. :)

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