Friday, August 4

Fibery goodness

We're finally moved!!! Ok, we have been for about a week or two now but since I am just now getting here to tell you all about it it's only natural to see we finally moved. :)

We are almost completely unpacked...just a few random boxes here and there. I haven't touched any knitting yet. I went to pull out the socks for DH and realized I have a needle missing. I think it's somewhere in the car but have not had the motivation or the energy required to tackle that beast. I'm sure it's in the front seat somewhere. I need to go find it though. I started the MDC sock KAL and haven't actually been able to do any KAL!

My mom came by the other day. I wasn't really wanting her to since we have decided to cut her out of our lives as much as possible but it was inevitable. She looked at some of my yarn and the covers I've knit and said I should go with her to the next spinning league meeting. She also looked at my fleece and asked to take some home to clean. I let her but it was against my will. I don't WANT her to take it home and I don't WANT her to strip everything out of it with Dawn. I know it's going to come back clean and ready to spin but she seems to over do it. I don't want it coming back something so altered that I cry. Yeah, I admit it. Things like that make me cry and frankly I can see her doign that. She loves to chemicalize everything and iof given the chance I'm sure she would. *sigh* I should have gone with my gut and said no. Buck up girl!

I have a pair of longies I'm knitting for someone else in the Elijah colorway. I finally got everything unpakced to a degree that would enable knitting and when I pulled out my pattern I realized I was short yarn. The lady wants longies. Her son falls between two sizes. We've agreed on the larger pair. However, I only have enough for shorties in the smaller pair. She's going to order more yarn and I'm going to wait to knit it. I just want to start! I feel like I'm in an imposed knitting limbo. On the plus side, not only is she getting another skein of Elijah but she is going to get some Black Rainbow as well! I've been wanting to try that forever and now I can!

The people who lived her before us left some things...a washer, an old bunkbed, and a couch. There were some other random things but those were the bulk of it. They left this old beat up dresser in the abck room that I had orignally thought about chucking. I have no problem adopting left behinds and cleaning them up and making them our own. No snese throwing out things if they can be rehabilitated you know? So I checked the dresser out. There was some water damage on the top, a side piece along the bottom was gone, and most of the handles were broken. So I pulled out all the drawers and moved the dresser out into the other room. That's when it dawned on me. I needed storage for yarn and fabric and I needed a bigger piece in my living room to take up space. BINGO! I wiped it all out and got to putting things away. One side (three drawers each side) has all my fabric and the other side has all my yarn (seperated by type...natural or nasty :) ). Now it will be come a project to beautify it. Should be fun!

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