Monday, July 24

Mmmm fleece

I am so in love with my fleece. It is so thick and lanoliny and dirty and smells like a farm. DH hates it. :)

I wish I could get it all washed up right now but DH read the directions for washing it along with me and now he won't let me until I can do it right! hehehehe I did wash a small chunk of it and it was shocking to see how much dirt and debris was in the water. I thought I was going to end up with a slighty creamy color but actually got quite a bit of white. There are random pieces of dark brown/black mixed into it all. I cannot wait to get going on this! The white fluff in the middle is the piece I washed up. I washed it twice (not too set on getting it cleaned...I just wanted to do something to it lol) with my wool wash I use on my covers. I didn't do a rinse on it or anything....just patted out the water and let it dry on my sink over night. There are still a few pieces of grass and sticks in it but it shouldn't be hard to get it out. I did open the fleece up when I set it out to dry and it open beautifully...nice and even. There are some thinner spots in it but for the most part it's even. There is still enough lanolin in it that after two washes it still leaves a film on my hands! This stuff is COATED in lanolin. I'm really excited about this and am so glad I posted when I did!

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