Monday, July 17

Fleece score on Freecycle!

The Blossom lady got back to me again today. I think I've got all the issues worked out. I'm owrried I'm making the wrong size though. It seems the pattern runs large. Or at least this piece does and it's just the back. I know once it's washed it will shrink since it's cotton but I doubt it'll shrink that much. I don't want DD to not be able to wear this. The warm months are slowly disappearing. I know this can go into the colder months by adding leggings and a little tee under it but it's so cute I want her to be able to wear it without all the extras.

I cast on for some socks tonight. I think I need better yarn. Or more accuratly thiner yarn. I was using Paton's Merino. I found Thuja for DH and want to do those asap. I thought I had the right size needles but I don't. I'm two sizes too big. I guess that means I still need to get some.

Tomorrow I go pick up some Freecycle goodies (pregnancy tests!) and part of that is some fleece. I'm headed into the craft store as well to get the things I need to make a drop spindle (and of course DPN's). So I posted a wanted on there for some roving and a lady got abck to me saying she had some fleece from a few months ago that she was going to use for spinning and I could have it! I can't wait. I don't know what the difference is between fleece and roving though. Is there a difference? Is fleece still wool? I'm afraid I am a total newbie in the fiber world.


Anonymous said...

Nice idea with this site its better than most of the rubbish I come across.

hendreque said...

Fleece would be right off the sheep, needing to be washed, carded, etc. Roving has already been there and just needs to be spun.