Friday, July 7

We are home!!! Not a lot of knitting was done but mainly cause we were so busy.

I managed to whip up three wash rags for my SIL. There was enough to d o four but I didn't get them done until the night before we left and I didn't think I could get the fourth one done in time. I think I may do it anyways and mail it to her. She seemed to like them but was on the verge of leaving so she didn't really look at them. I did three different patterns and really liked how they turned out. I was pretty pleased with them. DH was too. He kept complementing me on them.

I got some cotton. Two cone of Peaches and Cream. Lovely stuff. I can't wait to start using it up. I'll post pictures later on when I update with pictures. I do plan on it. DH has been passing my blog link around and I am feeling insecure and needing to get something up other than a whiney post. :)

I recently traded some Addi Turbo's for some yarn. They were a length I don't use so it wasn't hard to give them up. I was pretty excited since I was getting TWO skeins of yarn. I got it in the mail while we were gone and got it out last night. It's ugly. The way she described it was pretty. Rust and chocolaty browns. Very earthy. It's more like the 70's gone bad. In fact I have some nasty acrylic that T's wife found for me that matches it EXACTLY! I about cried when i pulled it out the envelope. I was hoping it was just the late hour and the poor lighting but after looking at it some more today it's still ugly. I don't know what I'm going to use it for. I'm thinking I may save it to put in the business. Maybe someone else out there will like it. Someone has to, after all someone liked it enough to make it. Or maybe they didn't like how it turned out and that's why it was sold. Who knows. I'm pretty disappointed. There were some other yarns I could have traded for that I wanted as well and I am wishing I had chosen one of them. I knew I should have asked for pictures. Oh well. It's really soft which I am thinking is it's only redeeming quality at this point.


Fadrah said...

sorry i missed you while you were down, I would much rather have been trading yarn stories than sweating my ass off in that kitchen. I'm sure I have some yarn you could have taken home with you. That would have given me and excuse to buy more! Sorry about the ugly yarn.

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