Saturday, July 15

Felted clogs and things

Wow, Blossom either works up quickly or I've actually had knitting time today. Not sure which one but either way it's lovely. I've run into a snag but I emailed the lady who made the pattern and hope she can help me out. I hope it's soon. I have put it down until I get a reply but am really wanting to just go ahead and do it. Screw making sure I'm doing it right. :)

We've decided that we're going to do a no shoes policy at our new place. Our current carpet is NASTY. Between the dogs and the constant in and out it's gross. It's dirty and stained and grimy feeling. We've been wanting to to do a no shoes poilcy here but just decided on it. We've been waiting to get the carpets cleaned before doing it (kind of grody to not wear shoes in the house right now) but haven't been able to do that. Thinking about it all has gotten us grossed out. DD crawls on that! And plays on the floor. They should be in better condition. We're kicking ourselves for not having cleaned the carpets when we first moved in. Oh well.

So what does that have to do with knitting? DH wants me to knit him some socks (in a genius moment of remembering I was wanting to do them) and some felted clogs. I know someone out ther eposted about themo n her blog but I can't remember who. I googled it and couldn't find a free pattern. I would need for it to be a free one since we're broke with moving. :) I'm pretty excited about the no shoes thing. It'll be a bit tough with his family since his dad wears shoes from the moment he wakes up (as in slips into them as he throws his feet off the bed) til he goes to bed (as in slips out of them as he swings his feet into bed). My side is a bunch of shoeless heathens so it'll be nothing to get them to take theirs off. I'm going to find a nice shoe rack so we won't be tripping over them all the time.

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