Saturday, July 22

Socks and charting lace

Before I get into my thoughts today I thought I would correct a mistake I made. lol When I posted the knitting tool two posts down I somehow put in a link to my photobucket. That's all fine and dandy but the leaf lace in there isn't mine! lol It's a scarf a fellow blogger did and I saved the picture to show my sister. The correct link is there but in case you don't scroll down here it is again:

So I finally got my sock needles. Well they aren't really sock needles but they are the right size for the socks I am doing. :) I cast on yesterday after I got home from picking them up and was going along pretty good. My day was not going well yesterday so in a moment of frustration something happened to a stitch. It slipped off and I think that the stitck I did in the round BEFORE that one came undone. I still had a stitch but I was missing a round right there. I thought I could go on and it wouldn't make a difference but it did so I frogged, I wasn't too upset though since I was only about .5 inch in. When I went to gte the needles yesterday I had to go to two different stores. I wanted to get some sock yarn for myself along with needles. I had enough on me to get two pairs of needles and one to two skeins of sock yarn depending on brand and weight etc. The first place had no sock yarn at all! So on to the second store where all of theirs was mixed in with a huge section of acrylic. And they didn't have the brand or color I wanted. The one I was willing to get wasn't too bad price wisebut I was about 20 cents off! So I settled for something I didn't really like or want. I did end up returning it and came home sock yarn free. Oh well. I can practice using the Thuja pattern for DH. That might not be a bad idea anyways...bigger needles, thicker yarn.....easy practice right? I posted on MDC to see if anyone would be interested in a sock along. I hope a few ladies say yes. It'd be my first KAL and I think it might be enough inspiration that we all complete two socks! lol

I found a Yahoo group that will help me create a lace pattern. I decided on writing my own for the afghan I want to do and this group is all about charting lace. They tell you how and help with snags and everything! I can't wait to actually have a moment to get into it. I'm pretty excited to think I may write my own pattern and a lace one at that!

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