Wednesday, July 19

Knitting heaven

A friend of mine just found out she is pregnant! Congrats J!!! Since she's a fellow cloth user I told her I would knit her a gender neutral wrap and then later when she found out the gender a more specific one. She's hoping for a girl so I'm saving her some pink wool. I started on the wrap tonight. It's the Warm Heart Woolies pattern. I'm glad I decided to. I'm not in a good mood and this is a quick knit. It's nice making something so tiny. I wish DD was this small. Ahh, baby lust tonight.

I'm using my 70's wool. J liked it when i showed it to her and thought it was perfect. I'm to the increases portion and I'm still not sure of the color. I've done 8 rows of twisted rib and I'm still feeling the 70's has thrown up in my lap. We'll see once I get into something more flat than ribbing.

I can't remember where I saw it but someone posted a link to an increase tool. I clicked on it and glanced at it before saving it. I figured it would be good to have but I couldn't think of when I would use it. I finally got to use it! My first wrap (the purple one a few posts down) I was unsure about the increases. The directions say to increase four stitches evenly. When I made the purple one I had to write it all out and plan it so it would work right. I thought I had gotten it but it ended up not being right. It was unsymmetrical. You can't tell once it's knitted up but being the knitter I KNEW. It's covered with velcro anyway. ;)

So tonight I got to that portion and took a break to chat with a buddy online. That's when I remembered the tool. I pulled it up, filled in the blanks, and lo and behold! I got two options. The unsymmetrical one (which is exactly what I did on my purple wrap!) and a symmetrical one. It was so easy! I put in two numbers and this program did the math for me. I am so glad I saved this thing!

So here you go:
Enjoy! I know it's making my knitting all the more pleasurable already. :)

It's been a little while since I got my Boye interchangables. I wasn't sure about then at first but I think I'm liking them. The actual needle isn't as slick as an Addi but they aren't too shabby at all. I use them in flex mode often. They are pretty decent for that. I don't like them as circular's though. I haven't had a project that requires the sizes I have but the few times I have had my other cables in something as a flex I've used my longest length and connected them as a circ. I just knit back and forth on it. The cables are stiff and awkward feeling. Maybe as I use them they'll loosen up but at this rate I'll stick to something else for circulars. They are my first choice on straights/flex though.

I have a weird little worry. When I'm knitting even though my hands are clean I'm worried I'm going to dirty the yarn up. lol Like when you're peeling a potato even though your hands are clean you can leave little brown watery marks? I'm afraid I'll do the equivalent to my yarn. It never happens but I can't help but think it will.


Helen said...

The only thing I can say to that is that it's not your hands that turn potatoes brown- it's the oxidisation process. Love the yarn. Nurture the yarn. Pet the yarn- after all, you're going to wash your FO anyhow, right?

Elizabeth said...

That leaf lace is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

And, yes, I have that same issue with potatoes - which is why I rinse them after I peel them. :-)

-Elizabeth (ELTAZ from MDC)

Anonymous said...

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