Monday, July 17

Heavy lifting

So I emailed the maker of Blossom and was surprised to see she had replied to me. It was Sunday. What was she doing at her email? Who cares, I had a reply. She tried to answer my question as best she could. It was rather jumbled and clear as mud (my question that is) but she got it figured out and answered me very well. However, I was supposed to be on a knint row right now. I'm not. I'm on a purl row and I don't know what number row it is. It's either row 10 or row 1. How do I pick? The pattern is supposed to be row one as a knit. Maybe I should do this row as row ten, knit my next row and count that as row one to....OMG! I figured it out! Yay!!! I can now continue on....

I had put Blossom down for a day too long I think. I picked it up to work on it today and set it back down after three stitches. Maybe it's not the wait I had to do. Maybe I am just not feeling like knitting. I have the urge to create something but I don't want to put the effort in it. I was telling my husband today that it's a shame I can't hire someone to just start my projects for me. I could just hire some lady to cast on for all my projects and do an inch or so. That's when I start liking what I'm doing. Those first couple inches bite. You can't see your pattern and it's still too short to have any real flow to it. Maybe it's just me.

Checking my blogs today I saw Mason Dixon had updated so I headed over there to read it. It always gets me inspired. I want to knit fabulous things afterward. GIANT fabulous things. Whether in size or quantity. I can't help it. I usually go rifiling through my yarn and needles after I finish reading and go to bed with high aspirations only to wake up staring at some list. Tonight was no different. I read the entry, clicked on the KAL button, and was immersed in such beautiful knitting that I ran outside.


Yeah, I ran outside. I picked up some knitting paraphenilia the other day from a Freecycler. When we were in Idaho I got an email asking if I was still looking for needles. Being the needle whore that I am I said yes, explained what was going on, and set up a time to pick them up. When I got the box I was kind of dissapointed. There was some very random needles, bias tape, and god awful (in color) acrylics. I grumbled a bit and put the box in the trunk so we could go about our business. I had forgotten about it until tonight.

I jsut went through it and the needles are far better than I thought. I have a huge pair for a blanket I have already been planning and some random sizes. Mainly 10's and 8's. Seems that's a popular size and you can't have too many. There was also a set of 4 plastic size 9 DPN's. But the best part?

A set of four metal size 1 or 0 (there are no markings and I have no needle sizer) DPN's. I can do socks now!!! I wasn't able to get a set the other night when I decided to try socks. I figured I wans't going to get them either. We had to put it off until after our move basically since money is tight. I was bummed. Seeing these made me rush upstairs and cast on and split just to prove I could do it. I can't wait. I can do socks now!! Woo hoo!

And of course...I made a list. I knew it would happen. And after I made that list I set up a tenative list of tomorrow's (well's early) activities and I actually put on there "knit". Yeah, I scheduled in knitting because my list is so massive. Without further ado I introduce "The List":

red washcloths: Less than half of one done.
yellow washcloths: 0
SIL's washcloth: 0
K's washcloth: started and then frogged. Sitting at 0
Blossom: About two inches done. Of the back. The first piece. Of many.
Katja: %^#$%^$ One cup done. Sitting in the bottom of the knitting bag turned away from prying eyes.
Nursery block: 3.5 of 6 complete. Seaming and stuffing required.
Woolie Wonder Wrap: Yarn has been picked.
Picky Pants for S: Cast on
Picky Pants for MDC mama: waiting on yarn
Boucle Afghan: Yanked off small needles and waiting to be frogged for MUCH larger ones.
Wool bathmat: Yanked off needles, pattern refigured, considered Absorba the bathmat, frogged, and reqound. Sitting and waiting for me to come back.
Bag for tub letters: Yarn needs to be picked. Going back and forth on type of yarn. Nothing fancy needed but why settle for less? It would be a good way to get rid of some acrylic.....
Wet bag: Yarn needs picked
Felted boxes: Yarn has been set aside and waits.
Felted clogs: Need pattern and yarn
Socks: Need some yarn!
Ballet Camisole (Magknits): Yarn needs picked

Those are just the projects I jotted down prior to looking through Mason Dixon. I'm going to do some bibs, burp rags, and blankets as well. As you can see most of this is just floating thoughts in my head. I have a lot of yarn deciding to do but at least I can see where I sit now. Maybe I should stick to this list and not add or take away anything until I finish it all. Granted there are some things that will always be on the list (like Picky Pants) but that shouldn't put a damper on my knitting. Maybe this will increase my knitting desire. :)

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