Sunday, July 23

About fleece time!

Woo hoo!!! The lady for the fleece finally emailed me back and I am going to pick it up at 8 tonight! I can't wait. I'm pretty excited about this. To top it off she is willing to meet me somewhere so I don't have to go find her house. So what? Freecycle, for those of you not involved it's , is mainly a "you want it, you pick it up...not my problem if you can't" type deal. She is one of the few people who has been willing to meet me somewhere. AND she is meeting me at a place literally around the corner from us.

I need to figure out how to make it into roving. I know I'll have to clean it but that's about all I know at this point. Oh and card it but I don't know how or anything aside from that. Better get to googling!

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