Wednesday, July 19

Stuck on neutral

I have so many projects in mind and have no idea where to start! I want something simple but I don't want to work on washrags. I want something tough but I want it to knit fast. I have started three things today only to get one row in and pull it off the needles. I had started a wrap for a friend only to find out I did a size too small and had to unravel it. I want to use my acrylic up but I don't want to do toys. I have no reason to do baby stuff like bibs......oh blah!

I'm going to go get a Pepsi and come back and pick ONE thing on my list (which has since grown since I put it here) and do it. I still haven't gotten the needles needed to do DH's socks but he promised we'll go get them by this weekend. He's doing a marathon thing on his game all weekend and I'll be stuck to entertain myself basically. Woo hoo.

I think I need to soak in the tub and go to bed.

Alrighty, I am back and in better spirits. I have some boucle that has been burning a hole in my yarn bucket since I got it. I've had it since Feb. and I love this stuff. I take that back. I love the colors. Dark reds and oranges and browns. Very autumny. Every bit "our colors". I had started making it into an afghan but after doing 20 some odd rows in garter I was bored. So I yanked it off my needles and have plans to start anew. I want this to be able to drape on our couch. Since we are moving and getting a new couch I figure now's the time. I'm having a hard time finding something I love though. I don't want to settle for like. I want leafy lace. I want it to be open and airy and have a leaf pattern in there. I went through google and knittingpatterncentral and other sites to find a pattern but no luck. I found some on KPC that I liked but they all seem so heavy. I don't want a ton of garter stitch and that's what a lot of those patterns had. I want something like Branching Out from knitty. That would be gorgeous as an afghan I think. It fits all my requirements as well...airy, lace, and leafy. Too bad I am number impaired. I posted on MDC to see if anyone could either help me enlarge Branching Out or if they had a pattern similar. I hope I get something. We move in two weeks and I know there is no way I'll get it done but between then and now I have quite a lot of time to work on it. Plus, it's an 800 mile drive to where we're going.

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