Thursday, July 13

Pictures take 2

Ahhh...cotton. This one is a variety. :) The red and yellow are becoming washcloths for us. As sad as this is we have maybe three in our whole house. We just use cloth wipes for everything and it's getting old. DH requested I make some so I am. You can see the beginning of one in red for our kitchen. Since I am doing them for both kitchen and bathroom they will be two different patterns so as not to intermix them. I know I can clean them well but frankly the idea of wiping kitchen counter grime across my face is gross. I don't care how clean it is. The Tatamy Tweed is a gift that was sent to me. And boy is it heavenly! It's a cotton blend and is so soft and smooth. There is a HUGE difference between that and the other stuff. I'm using it to make Katja ($ # ^ @ % $ #) and yes that is a cup on a DPN sticking out of the green. No it has not been finsihed. I can't tell you when it will be either. ($ # % $ @ # $)

This is my most recent cotton. Two one pound cones bought at Wal-Mart while on vacation. I plan on making these into some clothes for the wee one as well. I'd love to do Blossom but need to get the pattern altered for a 13 month old. I would do it but am unable to. Basically me+math/alterations= a sobbing and hysterical me. Or a pissed and irrational me. Or an onery and irritated me.

This is Picky Pants wanna be wool. I bought this not too long ago when I bought my great bag (see next post lol). I had visions for it. It has since sat in the bottom of said great bag waiting for me to remember it's there. I remember. I just realized once I got it home that they are rather boyish colors and well.....the daughter is a girl. I was so excited to be out buying wool and sad to see that all they had was a weak selection of Paton's that I jumped and bought a good color combo as opposed to a good color combo for a girl. Oh well. People around me are pregnant and if worse comes to worse I can knit something for them. Not that that is bad at all. :)

And comes the 70's. I have decided that this yarn is what the 70's would look like if it were thrown up by a small animal...such as a cat. I did a test swatch out of it and it's not as bad knit up but I have a hard time knitting very much of it since I do find it ugly. I will use it and the longer it sits on my table looking at me the more I grow to like it. I doubt I will ever love it. Heck, it's more of an aquaintance to me.

And for a comparison since I did mention that it looks like a bad batch of 70's acrylic that I have....a picture of the bad 70's acrylic. (ok check next post....stupid blogger! %$@^%$#^!)


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