Saturday, July 15

Blossoming along

I have been wanting to try Blossom from MagKnits forever now. I found it by accident one night awhile back and didn't bother to save it. I thought I would remember enough of the details to google it later on. I forgot everything though except what it looked like and even that was foggy. All I knew was it was a wrap and had some embroidery on it. I finally found it again way too late. The sizing no longer worked. DD was older than 9 months. I posted on Mothering last night to see if someone had made it for their 1 year old. I so so wanted this. It's cute and I have the perfect yarn for it. Someone was able to convert it for me for two more sizes!!! Thank you frogger!!!! I cast on last night and did a couple rows. I plan on working on it some more today and I hope I can get it done this weekend. We'll see though. My knitting has been reduced lately due to DD takeing later naps. And DSS being here. And keeping those two from killing each other. :)

I am thinking about doing the Ballet Camisole from MagKnits as well. It's pretty and seems easy enough that I think I could do it. I have enough cotton to do it although it's not in the colors I would neccessarily pick for myself. I wasn't sure when I bought this cotton anyway. It's called Peppercorn I think. Not my cup o' tea. There was some other colors there but I was thinking about DD and the patterns I wanted to do. Oh well. I'll give it a try and if it's not looking good I can frog it.

I'm going to try socks as well. I plan on picking up some metal DPN's here soon. I need to find a pattern that would work for me though so I can get the right size. I need to get some sock yarn too. I have a pattern for DH picked out already and am excited about trying them.

I need to try and bang out a few projects real fast. We're getting ready to move (800 miles!) and yarn and knitting will be packed. Who knows when I'll get to it again. I'm sure it'll get out of packing as quickly as the computers will. Don't want that gathering dust! :)

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