Thursday, July 13

Pictures take 3

Ok since the last post didn't allow me to post the bad 70's acrylic for comparison I'll put it here and YOU can scroll down and see the likeness.

See? Shocking isn't it? On to brighter things! A lovely bag and some lovely books. :)

This is the outside.

And this is the inside. Super roomy! I think last time I checked it held about 16 skeins of wool in there. And that was actual Paton's Merino skeins. I'm sure it could hold more. :)

I feel official with these books. Don't know why. :) I am working on the nursery block from the Toys one and am working on getting some stuff for a few things out of the Mason Dixon one. I'm liking them both but have heard that the Toys one has pattern issues. I haven't found them yet but I'm not an expert at that sor tof stuff. Plus I haven't done anything more than a knit square from it. :)

I thought long and hard about doing a picture of my needles. But in order to NOT be laughed at by my peers I have opted not to. It's a bit ridiculous how many I have now. I even picked up more from Freecycle. Someone found a very old wanted ad by me and even though I have a ton of needles already I said yes I would love them. Ok, now that I have drug this on for three posts I will stop here. Now I can say I have updated this completely and will no longer fret about letting my many (ha!) readers down. :)


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