Wednesday, June 28

Still kickin'!

Yes, dear blog readers, I am still here. :)

I got busy knitting. I was so excited after my recent adds to the obssession that I haven't really stopped since my last post. I did get a pair of shorties done. I was a bit stumped as to them though. The pattern required a lot more yarn than I used. I know I knit tight but I was on gauge the whole time! It still has me confused but they fit S just fine. I'm going to make her a wrap with the second skein since I have a whole one left.

I've also started on a nursery block from Toys to Knit. I love this pattern! So simple and quick. A friend brought over a bag of random yarn leftovers. I have no idea what they are. I think wool. They all happen to be the right amount for this pattern. I did shorten it to a total of 33 rows as opposed to 36 but only cause my first color was enough for 33. I connected my second block to it instead of binding off and starting a new one and I must say it looks great! I have the two colors connected which will make the side seam and it is freaking cute!!! I'm planning on making more with my nasty acrylic. :)

I need to finish up some washrags for my sister in law. We are leaving tomorrow for a trip back home and will be gone until the 5th. I plan on bringing my knitting with me so expect an update post with all of my knitted goods! :)

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