Sunday, June 11

Stupid....grumble grumble

I am not feeling the Katja love. I got the cups done yesterday (well almost.....I've been so excited about this one that I didn't do the I-cord on the second cup yet) and got them attached to the body piece. That in itself was a difficult thing. I needed one more hand and I could have flown through it. Instead I sat on my living room floor scrunched up to about two inches above my knitting which was pushed into my hip bones to steady it. It was a beautiful sight.

After finally getting it on and starting on my first actual knit row (row 2 in the pattern) I realize I had forgotten to cast on the last 22 stitches. Yup, I FORGOT to cast on 22 freaking stitches! So I unravel all the ones I had just done (all but about five of them) and cast them on. I didn't know what kind to do so there is naturally a space between where the cups connect and the cast on. Oh well.

I thought my issues were over with. I figured I was doing too bad since it was late (read after midnight). So I'm plugging along on row two of knit all stitches and reading ahead. I notice row 5 is right side. Row 5? As in the odd number of 5? As in my "right side" is an even number.Yup, I cast on, added my cups, and cast on again and it's freaking BACKWARDS!!!!!!!!!! I KNEW something was going to happen as I sat there srunched up. I had an uneasy feeling. I thought to myself before I connected the cups, during, and after I connected the cups "I should post on the yarn forumand double check." I'm kicking myself. Now I have to figure out a way to flip things around so that it works out the right way.

Stupid...grmuble, grumble.

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