Friday, June 9

Yarn galore

I have a friend. She is a lovely lady and truely wonderful. For S's birthday she sent a splendid box. In it was some clothes for S, a pair of shoes, and some toys.

And for ME in that same box was a little knitting book full of little facts and some yarn. This is awesome stuff! It's Kraemer Yarns Tatamy Tweed (45% cotton, 55% acrylic). I have two skeins, one lime color and one oatmeal. It's the perfect yarn for Katja and I am on my way with it. I have one cup and about 6 inches of the I-cord done. I wasn't sure what to make out this. I didn't know what I could do. I have only had acrylic, wool, or cotton. No mixes. So I figured I could do the tank top pattern from Tiny Bird Organics. I wasn't feeling the love though so I put it off for a few days. Someone on MDC posted about Katja though so I clicked the link and read through the pattern. Seemed simple enough. Then I noticed the yarn it asked for. A cotton acrylic blend!!! I'm making her two. One with lime cups and an oatmeal body and one vice versa. I'm going kind of slower than I would like though. I had to learn how to do an invisible cast on which kind of sucked. I ended up casting on one less than I should have. I also hate doing I-cords. They take forever and it's something I can't do super tight. I like tight. I-cords are not tight.

I finally got the Picky Pants pattern!!! I can't wait to start on a pair! I'm going to finish up at least one of the two Katja's I am doing before I get to it though. I have so many have finished projects laying around that I'm starting to get irritated. I just need to exercise some control and do one thing at a time. As it stands right now I can see four projects in some stage of completion. That's not counting what I know is in my bucket. Or bag downstairs.

I went yardsaling about a week ago and got a little bag of yarn. Most of it is wool and it looks like the lady who sold may have spun it herself. She had a spindle there for sale as well. I wish I ahd grabbed it but it just didn't feel like a good buy. Not enough to do anything with really...maybe a couple small toys for S. G, the lady I went with, grabbed me a bag for 2 bucks that had a couple pairs of needles, a ton of crochet hooks (neither of us noticed them in the pocket they were hiding in), some hideous 70's yarn, and a handheld battery operated embroidery thing. Definitely not worth more than 2 bucks. Well maybe the hooks are but nothing was pretty poor quality.

G and I hit the new Goodwill over by us last week or so. I'm glad I went. I got a huge bag (originally from Target for $18) for 2 bucks! THis thing is massize but not overly so. I can fit about 12 skeins of yarn in it if I stack them three high and four across. It has a pocket the perfect size for a standard needle. Plus it's cute. It's a dark khaki on the outside with a lighter khaki colored straps. Then the inside is striped. I love it. After there we went to Michaels. The only other craft store I have been in lately that sells yarn is JoAnn's and Ben Franklins. Both charge a ton on yarn. Especially in comparison to Michaels. I got three things of Paton's merino and a thing of cotton for something like $12. I can't remember but I know I didn't spend more than $15. Once in the car I realized my wool is the same coloring as the stripes in my new bag. hehehe. I got earthy shades of green and brown. Kind of boyish but I think I can add some enbellishments on whatever I make to make it more girly. If not, who cares. S is one. She can wear boyish things if she wants and still get away with it. hehehe

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