Friday, June 16

*Insert foot in mouth*

If nothing else I will get those needles huh? Oy vey. I'll say it again, OY FREAKING VEY!!!

I went to the store I talked of. I have been dying to buy something from here since before January. That's how in love I am with this store and I have only been in there once. I have issues. Deep, unresolved issues that came to the foreground today.

We left the house at 4. We went and paid some bills. We were running longer than I had hoped but was trying to remain calm. Yes, I was starting to feel the twinges of anxiety.

On our way DH starts pestering me about the address. Yes I looked it up! Yes I am sure that it said "Corner of 13th and Mill". YES I am positive! He then casually mentions he hopes they are open till 6 cause it was almost that.

At this point I am about in tears. I just want my freaking needles. I have been looking forward to this since the beginning of the week and if I really wanted to be honest I have been looking forward to it since about December. Call me a nut.

We end up having to stop and ask a guy where Mill street is. He doesn't know. He has no clue. In fact he says he's never even heard of a street named Mill! So we continue up the road and sure enough! About two blocks up from there was Mill street and right there where it should be was the LYS.

We pull in and I can see women coming out the door. The back door. As in the employee only door. My heart starts racing and I am trying to stay calm. Then I see the lady lock the door. I jump out while DH tried to park and ask them women if the store was closed.

"Yes. We close at 5:30. We're open tomorrow from noon to 5 though. Sorry" is where my deep and unresolved issues come into play. I cried. Yup, I cried over the fact that this store was closed. I cried that we were fifteen minutes late. In fact I was sobbing over it. DH just stared at me like the lunatic I am and promised to be at noon tomorrow and if I wanted I could stay till five. Sweet guy. But it just wasn't working.

Determined to get my needles I coax DH to go to JoAnn's. I rush in very excited to be getting any needles. You know what? They didn't have them. Not a single 16 inch needle. They had 29's and even 36's. Not a single 16 inch. I leave that store just as deflated as the other one. I convince him to go Ben Franklin's. You know what? We pulled up as they were locking the doors. What did I do to the knitting superior beings today that they decided to step in and mess up my plans?

I feel silly now crying about it but damn it that sucked!!! DH promised to rent a movie I've been wanting for sometime now (Woman on Top...Penelope Cruz....GREAT movie!). That perked me up a bit. You know what? They no longer have it. Today was not my day.

I was talking to a friend the other night telling her about my plans for more needles and what she said made me laugh so hard. One of those deep belly laughs that ache your sides and make you laugh silently until you can pause just long enough to actually gasp for air. As I sat in the car crying over a closed store I was reminded of it.

"You are a true knitting addict. Yarn is your smack and you've got plenty of needles." So be it!

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Sarah said...

I think you are ready for a set of Denise interchangables... no one should have to suffer the way you have!