Thursday, June 15

Take 2

I have frogged what I started of Katja and now only have one cup. I don't know why this is so hard for me. Those in the yarn forum are flying through this pattern and when I click their links to look I silently seethe at the unfinished mess in my bag. It's very irritating. So I frogged it down to the one completed cup and stuck it all back in my bag very neatly. I shall come back to it sometime next week I think. It needs a break from my angry fingers and I need a break from the dumb pattern. :)

Speaking of the yarn forum. A mama posted there the other night that she wanted some knitting done. I quickly shot her a message. She chose me!! :) I shall be making ehr a couple soakers. She's buying the yarn, sending it my way, and paying me a little somethin' somethin'. The yarn she wants is lovely!! I can't wait to get it. AND it'll be good pr for me. I plan on adding knitted goods to the biz and god damn if this isn't perfect advertising! She even said she'd brag it all up. :)

I'm getting some new needles and yarn tomorrow!!! I can't wait. I can finally hit the LYS over in the town connected to me. I'm hoping they have Addi Turbos for cheap. If not I have set aside some money to get some offline. I can get 10 pairs for about 120 bucks. MUCH better than I was thinking I could get them. I am so excited!!!

If nothing else, I WILL get a size 8 circular in the 16 inch length. That way I can be so positive that that sucker is 16 inches that when my 70 stitch cast on turns out to be a 120 stitch cast on I can know it's just my SUPER tight and splendid cast on and not the needle or my inability to cast on.

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