Saturday, October 10

When handknits are worn: Super Secret Stealth Surprise

I think it fits rather well. :) The sizing ended up being around 0-3 months and this little dude is definitely in that range. I think he looks rather good in it, if I do say so myself. :)

Up next:
2 pairs of longies (one knit by me and one a gift)
5 (FIVE!) hats: 3 adults and 2 kiddos
Newborn soaker for K
My first intarsia: Christmas stocking: Technically a WIP but humor me

K's socks (one down, one to go)
4ish (FOUR!) more hats: one adult and 3 kiddos
2 pairs of Kiddo mittens
Me socks
Kiddos socks
Christmas stockings (planned for 2 but maybe will do 3...unless mom really does decide she wants one and then there's that one as well)
3 more soakers for K: 1 newborn and 2 small

I think that's it...I went out to my sister's this last weekend and in that time finished one of 3 hats (one had already been done). I got back on Monday and in that time I have done 1 adult hat, 2 kids hats, a newborn soaker, and half of a Christmas stocking that has intarsia. I won't say it but you know what I'm thinking has happened right? It's back. That's all I'll say. DOn't want to jinx myself. :)

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Holy said...

Wow thats really a great job, even i like knitting very much and every year i knit at least one new sweater.

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