Monday, July 13

Ahh retail therapy!

I never understood the appeal of it until today. :) I got a paypal gift so I decided to spend it. So without further ado...look what is coming to me!

First up is "Tumble Into BFL". Some lovely BFL. I've only spun BFL once and knit with it a couple more times but boy is it lovely! I cannot wait to see what this turns out like. These are not "my" colors but I have someone/something in mind for it so it doesn't matter. :)

This is called "Coi". Some Falkland wool. Again, someone else was in mind when I got this. It seems like a more mature/adult version of the one above. Also not my colors. :) I don't think I've ever spun Falkland but that's ok. It's wool! :)This is "Safari" merino. I have seen varaitions of these tones and everytime I am insanely jealous. It's just a nice colorway and looks well with most things. Again, I have plans for it that don't involve me. Seeing a trend? :)This may be one of my favorites. This is "Black Coffee" superwash. I have some plans for socks that I might keep for myself. Still deciding.Oh I hope shipping is fast. I'm entertaining myself currently with some random stuff I have. I'm already a third of the way through it so I'm thinking I'll need to find more to do until it gets here.


Beto Paredes said...

Very nice stuff! I'm sure you'll be stiching away over this one lol :)

Helen said...

Again with the teasing... who dyed it? Where did you get it? Enquiring masses need to know.

I love falkland, btw. It's fluffy like merino but has a little bit of the stickiness and grippiness of shetland- it really is just beautiful to spin.

C. said...

It's all Etsy stuff. :) Once it gets here I'll post all those details. The mailman has already driven by today so no luck. Le sigh.