Tuesday, April 21

I so so so love this set!

It's my first official "set" too. Best of all the yarn was .50 cents a skein (thanks Kim!). They are a bit stiff/dry feeling (NOT rough/itchy...just dry) but I'm thinking after they are washed and lanolized that will change. They remind me of prep school colors. I adore them!
Longies: Picky Pants, Elastic Waistband, Garter crotch, 7.5ish inseam, Seed stitch cuff, Red Heart Knitting Worsted Wool: Grey and Multi Reds, Newborn size, Backside increases and Extended short rows.
Hat: EarWarmer Cap, Infant, Red heart Knitting Worsted Wool: Grey and Multi Reds.
Mods: After the 2nd or 3rd decrease round stopped knitting 2 plain rounds in between and only did one round in order to shorten it a bit.


Helen said...

newborn knitting already????? You have more energy for me, that's for sure.

Erin said...

Love it! So cute :)