Tuesday, April 14

It's been knit: Infernal Shorties

Not infernal as in firey hot or anything like that. Oh no. Infernal as in "these damn infernal shorties are driving me to my wits end and I just want them out of my house already!" :) That said I am quite fond of them. The colors are pretty (not as bright in real life as they are in these pictures) and the shape is nice. Despite my dislike of the waistband in general and my hatred of it for this stupid project (hehe...just kidding....) I am planning a pair for us in this set up. These are for the same wee one the striped longies and the other blue pair were sent to (yes I know....it should not have taken this long).
Onto the stats!
Pattern: Waistband: Curly Purly Body: Picky Pants
Yarn and needles: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes ( Cobblestone Heather and Arctic Pool Heather); US 8's
Mods: The waistband is the Curly Purly one which proved to be an issue if you want to do short rows that will still line up with the Picky Pants. After 3 or 4 times of knitting it and lots of help (I love Ravelry) I got it figured out. I did my short rows per the Picky Pants placement but still within the waistband. Once done I increased up to my Picky Pants stich count and continued on.
Options/Size: Short rows with 2 increases. After the first set of increases (brought me up to the stitch count for Picky Pants small though they were already at a Curly Purly small) I asked the intended if the pervious longies were getting tigght. She said yes so I did a second increase set. These are a small waist with a medium body. The inseam is 6 inches. She wanted shorts but I got zoneing out one night while knitting and just guessed. I apparently am overgenerous in that regard. :) The cuff is just my basic garter stitch one.
Her next, and final pair!, ones will likely be the same set up. (The above picture is almost perfect on the color of the yarn). Due to the waist they seem to pull funny but I'm hoping that will not be the case once they are washed and lanolized.

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