Tuesday, April 14

It's been knit: Easter stuff

Well thing. I had grand plans but only got one thing done. I have an excuse though. I'll tell you later. :)

This is this pattern. Super simple (not sure why it's rated as intermediate...maybe because of the two color ear) and super sweet. I didn't do a gauge swatch so not sure if it would really fit a 3-6 month old but this was intended for my neice. It sort fit her, just a tad short in length. As you can see though it can be squeezed onto the head of a 20 month old with no problem. :) The picot hem on here was fun and so dang cute! I did do it differently by doing 4 stitches and binding off 2 (instead of 3 and 1). The only thing I didn't like was that it has a natural propensity to curl. I think if I make another (without the ears mind you ;) ) I'd do a round or two of garter to help it stay pointing down. I love the look of it and it bugs that half the time you can't see that detail. That's the only mod I made to it though. You could very easily size this bad boy up. It's just a basic hat. I didn't attempt to alter sizing because 1. I didn't want to think and 2. I wasn't reading ahead in the pattern and assumed the ears were done differently. The ears are done seperately and sewn on at the end.

Overall I love this hat. The sister in law it was given to is due to have another tiny one and by the time easter is here next year that one will be the right age group for it. :) This was such a hit the oldest wee one asked for one that would make her look like a "horse! A pink horse!". :)

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