Tuesday, March 24

It's been spun: Summer Berries

Summer Berries colorway
4 ounces total
End yarn is 10WPI/Worsted weight
2 skeins

I think I'll end up doing a felted bag. I think it's the only thing to do with it really. It's a bit rough and lanoliny. I'm hoping washing will help with that. I'm pretty pleased with the way the colors turned out. I need to give it a good washing. Despite it setting thouroughly the lanolin seems to help rub the dye off. While I was winding it up the dye rubbed off on a few things. Not a big deal since the lanolin rubbed off as well making it rub in/off easily but still...who wants red/purple bleeding?


Erin said...

Do a booga bag, they are fun!

C. said...

Hehehehe I already started the Twitterpated bag. Not felted and uses about the same amount of yarn I think I have. Key word being think. :)