Friday, May 5's a tough sport

Last Friday I was working on the evil WHW wrap and talking to a friend on IM. I was typing one handed on the short sentences but would occasionally need both hands. On one such occassion I put the 14 inch aluminum needle in my mouth. Sharp end first. I typed out what I needed and hit enter. As I moved my knee readjust myself it hit the end of my needle and jammed the other end into the roof of my mouth!!! OMG! You want pain stick a metal needle in the roof of your mouth. Luckily it didn't break skin or anything. Just left a bumb at the spot of impact.

So the WHW must be asking why it's evil. Well it WAS finished last night. I reread the directions to make sure I was done and to the bind off and saw it called for a stretchy one. I knwe I had seen that requirement somewhere else and I remember it was on the Tiny Birds soaker I did so I headed over there and checked out the one they used. It seemed off to me though. I knew I hadn't used that one when I did the soaker and it felt wrong. I did it anyways.

IT DIDN'T WORK!!!!!!!! It was not stretchy and it was freaking ugly! I ended up having to frog ten stupid rows and starting over on that section. Had that not happened there would have been some sewing done this morning and a picture gracing this entry. But instead I am left grumbling about it with a tainted memory of a rather decent diaper cover. Oh well. I'll finish off the rows after the munchkin hits the hay and then there will be a picture.

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