Sunday, May 28

Addi Turbos

Every thing knitting related that I have ever come across talks of Addi Turbo needles. I have purposfully NOT googled them or paid attention. I seem to have this thing in my brain that despises by default anything popular. Don't ask why. I have not seen movies for years after they came out because they were so big in the box office. Same with most anything. I think it has to do with the fact that I was not the kind of popular I wanted to be in school. Who knows. Either way it has been irritating to everyone including me.

My last post I mentioned some heavenly needles. They were smooth, the cable was fantastic, and they just flow so well with my hands and my knitting. As I checked on my blog today I noticed I had a comment. I clicked and read it. The knitting mama mentioned they might be......yes.....Addi Turbos. She included an eBay link which I of course went to. And sure enough I have myself a pair of Addi Turbos. I can see why people would sell their soul to the Devil for these things. As I saw them and read the description on the auction I quickly plugged in what was on my needles. A little purse for my neice. Knit flat. Yup. I am knitting on my circs a purse done flat because they have been so delicious in my hands. I think I may need to find some more. My needle selection is getting to be obscene.

I'm not sure how I feel about my Boye set. Being able to compare them to the Addis and the pair my sister gave me has not helped. Each set (out of the three) has it's pros and cons but I'm having a hard time with them regardless. I think my big problem is connecting. I'm guessing on how to do it since I haven't seen anything explaining how. And I think my gauge is off. IU know it can change when you go between straights and circs but it can't be that big a difference. For instance I can cast on 80 on my 16 inch circs for a soaker. There is no way though that even with spacing my stitches out I can connect them. For a soaker that asks for 80 I cast on closer to 100. What am I doing wrong!? I know I measured the needles right and I don't have an insanely tight cast on by any means but good grief!!! I just want to be able to do a soaker that will fit and without tweaking the pattern to compensate for the 20 extra stitches I seem to need.


amey said...

With which needles are you having the problem knitting circularly?

I use addis (I had avoided them for so long, and then had an employee at my LYS tell me I could buy them and the clovers I usually bought, try them for a week, and return whichever pair I didn't like - and they normally have a strict "no returns or exchanges on needles" policy, and i fell in love. I don't know whether to love or hate her such is my devotion to those needles...). I can knit a newborn LTK soaker (cast on 96) on my 16" size 4, and it's fine. I haven't knit a preemie size yet to compare. I have a sweater vest on the 10.5 16" addi, too, and that cast on is 72 stitches, but it's double stranded (or can be done in bulky weight yarn), so that really doesn't count. Those stitches are slightly crowded even. FWIW, those needles are 16" tip to tip. I haven't used the boye set to know if you can make a needle that small?

~amey again :) (part of the MDC knit ring)

Elizabeth said...

Ooooh, yeah, I'm feeling the same as you!! I gave in and bought some on eBay (Little Bramble is the seller) for SUPER cheap! I'm in LOVE with them! Totally smoother and more comfy than my Denise interchangables. But I love Denise b/c I can change my needle size whenever I want!

No clue on your problem - I've got the same problem sometimes. Have you tried Magic Loop? Sometimes if I just work the first couple rounds, then I can fit it onto a smaller circ.

-Elizabeth (ELTAZ at MDC)