Monday, May 29

Unhappy with my layout

I hate my Blogger layout. I want something pretty and customized but I don't know how to do it!!! Does anyone want to do it for me? :) Seriously..............

Onto knitting news.......I get to buy yarn this Friday!!!!!! I am debating about buying it online or going into Eugene and buy some at a delightful little shop there. I need to check some places and do a poll and find out what to get. I am finally breaking away from the nasty acrylic!!!! If I could buy enough to replace it all (hehehehehehe) I would be more than happy to chuck it or donate it. Mmmmmm.....GOOD yarn! I have $100 and I think I am going to go into Eugene. I'd rather ge tthe most for my money and not blow it all on shipping. So now what do I get?? I am thinking some cotton and wool. Anything I'm missing fiber wise? I don't really like novelty yarns so that's not going to be an option for me. They just don't grab my attention. Mmmmmm maybe some Sari silk....hmmmmm I can't wait! Maybe I can go in a couple days early and scout it all out. hehehe

Oh and to answer you Amey :) it's not my Boye set I'm using. The smallest on those is a 20". This set is silver needles with a clear cable. It's the pair my sister gave me. I know they are 16". I have measured more than once. DH has seen me do it and can confirm the length. Why do they not work!!??? ARG!

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Fadrah said...

ummm, for some reason, I have the same problem. I think it's the same thing for husbands. I work at a restaurant all day and don't even want to think about food when I get home. When you have programmers for husbands... well, we have crappy blogs.