Tuesday, May 2

Baby knitting

Ahhh! Finally! I can do some teeny tiny knitting. :) A friend over on Mothering just found out she's pregnant!!!! They are going to try cloth this time around so I am going to be making her a felted wetbag, some covers, and something else I think. I am thinking of nursing pads but I'm not sure. :) I'm so excited for her and I get to make something small. :)

I am currently doing the free wrap pattern from Warm Heart Woolies. It's going pretty quick. I'm almost done and it's looking good. It's quick. It's simple. And it's free. Sounds good to me! It's tkaing me long erhtan I would like as DD has been a bit needy lately. She's picking up on something and I'm not sure what so it's slowed down my knitting quite a bit. She's going to bed so much alter lately that I only get about ten minutes of knitting in before I'm tired and head to bed myself. I'm just using acrylic again. I can't wait to get rid of all this stuff!

I'm also making my sister in law a basket of stuff for her wedding gift. I got her open house invite in the mail the other day and the sister in law who made them put to keep in mind, they'll be more broke than ever and to help them stock on the basics. I'm glad I had decided to change what I was giving her. It was going to be a blanket. I changed to something else though when it had been a couple days and no reply to, "How big is your bed?". lol Instead I'm going to do a basket with some knitted washrags and some natural cleaning stuff. I just need to get a couple E.O.'s and it'll be set to go!

So that changes my list to:
Finish purple wrap for DD
start wetbag
start newborn/small wraps
nursing pads

I am so looking forward to summer knitting. I am super excited to knit washrags for some reason. I love the heaviness of cotton washrags for some reason. Not sure why. :) I am still looking for a shorties pattern though.

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