Tuesday, August 12

This'll be fast...

since the smallest one is asleep and I have a feeling it won't be for much longer. It's a lot easier to blog when she's not in my lap trying to eat my hands. Small details.

1. I managed to work on some more masters swatches. I had to do laundry the other day at my sister in laws house and since her dryer sees fit to take its sweet time I had a good chunk of nothing to do. I got 3.5 swatches done. I would have done more but a.) I needed clarification on some so I skipped those (I hate skipping....makes me all antsy for some reason) and b.) swatches are only entertaining for so long. I was tempted to start my question portion but that required measuring tools and blocking. Neither of which were available at the time.

2. I got the second sleeve of the Feb. Lady Sweater done. After browsing through the finished ones on Ravelry I noticed someone decreased out all the picked up stitches on the underside of the arms. Her's looked awesome and fit great. I decided to go ahead and try that. It turned out great! Fits much better and looks less boxy on me. As a result it makes the top pull differently and it actually looks like this is going to fit me! What does that mean? The first sleeve has been frogged. That was a pain in the ass actually. Why? Oh because I tend to not use lifelines when I frog so I had to go back and pick up the 56 original LACE stitches done in black yarn. Hindsight is always that....hindsight. Note to self: black=bad knitting mojo.

3. I finished up a skein of yarn! I started a fiber swap over on MDC and in my new found enthusiasm I started spinning. I got my first single done (and lots more than usual as I figured out my preferences for spinning...note to self: it helps to know what you're doing and why) and posted about it on the spinners thread. Someone mentioned Navajo plying and while I am against it (finished yarn is 1/3 of the original length.....seems like you're getting screwed there :) ) I decided to give it a go. I have been curious about it and I had a finished single and I didn't want to spin a second single since my fiber swap will be here soon (from England!). I wanted my spindle to be open. It's fun. It's easy and you get a skein very fast (and I had a ton! so the end yardage isn't horrible I guess). My only issue is I do not like thick yarns. I did a quickie wraps per inch measurement and mine qualifies as very bulky. I am NOT happy about that. I know it's because my spinning on this single was inconsistent at times and a Navajo ply equals out to a 3 ply but still. Now that I know how to do it though I'm going to try and spin a super thin single with the intent of Navajo plying it to see if I can't get a thinner yarn. It's difficult to see the real color since it's red but this is the best shot I can get. It has golds and blues in it too although the gold tends to get swallowed up. The last part of it I paid more attention to how I was drafting and was able to get longer chunks of the colors I wanted but the gold still disappears. There are a few spots where you can see it but it is always combined with one of the other colors so it gets muted. In some spots it looks green. I wish it were more dominant as it's a very pretty color of gold.

Perfect timing to be done. I just heard a cry from the bedroom.

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