Thursday, September 2

She's alive! (Also FO)

I know. There are no excuses for my lack of blog energy. So let's skip that and get back into blogging. :) I need to play catch up still. So as a quick note to myself: washrags (2), shower mit, Christmas stockings (they rock if I do say so myself), pink socks, skirtie and headband, baby hat, baby shower gifts (maybe). Also note to self: alter sock pattern and get it back to being for sale. On to the FO (not listed above): another Apple Blossom Cardigan.
Pics are older and not that great but you get the point. :) Same as the other one but with purple for the body (acrylic again). I love how it turned out...hurt my hands though. And because I know the rules ;) here is a modeled shot (yes I have permission on the is much older now).

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