Wednesday, October 2


It's that time of year! For the next couple weeks knitters and other fibery folks will be talking about Rhinebeck, whether it's their submissions or their travel plans or the budgets.

That includes me. This year I submitted two things.

The original plan was to send in just the BeeKeeper.

As time went on I thought about sending in some yarn. And then a shawl. And then something hand spun. Then nothing. After all, a 3 lb blanket is surely enough right? Wrong.

Enter: Chale Gaufrette. It was the best of everything. Hand spun, lace, shawl. As I was writing out my cards for the Bee Keeper, I glanced over and saw Chale sitting on the shelf, folded in a tidy little pile. I knew it was meant to be. Luckily, I had recently reblocked this with blocking wires so my points were nice and neat and firmly in place.

Both were carded, folded, and stuffed in a box. Based on tracking, it should arrive tomorrow. After that, it's just a matter of waiting. I was hoping to be there in person this year but no such luck. Next year maybe.

For tomorrow: a beaded shawl.

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