Monday, December 24

Catching up on the FO's

I was just uploading pictures ot Ravelry and did a quick count of my projects. For this year I finished 35 complete items!! 35! Go me.

First up is a very basic beanie style hat. This began as the Gobble Gobble Turkey thanksgiving hat from Beadwhore but once I got to the feathers and decided I liked it as is. It fits S perfectly.
This is the Reverse Bloom flower washcloth from Weekend Knitting. I used some of the Lorna's Laces I had eft over from the MIL hat to do it. I started doing Danica but my mom is not a scarf gal. She is a luxury bather though and this seemed perfect for her. I do realize wool for a washcloth is odd but it's about the squishiness and luxury of the item...not whether she can scrub off mud. I didn't bind off, I just broke the yarn and pulled through the 8 stitches. It kind of puckers but I figure once it gets used everything will even itself out.
This is an Earwarmer for my dad. This baby is awesome! Nice and thick. I used Paton's Classic Merino (navy blue) and Brown Sheep Wildfoote in Purple splendor. The band has two strands of that and one of the Paton's. The body has one of each. The blue band has 2 of the paton's. I added extra short rows and extra body rows (4 or 5). I wanted it super long and since I can't seem to get that (MIL's hat is not long enough for my liking) I made sure to add lots. Better safe than sorry. Size medium/child (the one with 88 stitches). Zigzag texture. I know it'll be late but that's my fault for starting late. I hope he likes it. It's in his two favorite colors so he may just by default. :)

And the second viking hat for my sister. I finished this a bit ago but never got around to blogging it. Same as the other but with ear flaps insted of braids.

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