Tuesday, January 8


It's been awhile. Christmas presents got sent late and received in time to still be considered the holidays. :) My mom loved her facecloth. I sent it with some bath fizzes and they were strong! She opened it up smelling that and wondering what I had sent that smelled like that and dealt with yarn. :) It did full though. If you remember I did it out of Lorna's Lace's Shepard Sport which is a superwash. I had asked on Mothering if a facecloth out of superwash wool would be silly and most said they wouldn't do it but I did it anyway. I think I know why. She really likes the feel of it but said she won't be washing it on hot. It fulled just from being used in her tub. I wonder how much was actual fulling and how much was just the yarn blooming. I didn't block it or anything before I sent it. I did ask for a picture since I thought I hadn't taken one before sending it (but did!..it's one post down :)) so I shall see. She thought it had felted but we were able to figure out it hadn't (she could still see stitch definition for one). I'm glad she liked it.

My dad also got his hat. Now the fit was forgiving on this. I did lots of extra rows hoping for it to be long and it was. My sister talked to him (haven't been able to get a hold of him yet) and he said it fits like a dream. I was worried it might be a bit big since he has a tiny head but apparently not. The extra short rows worked out well too. It's just long enough that when he pulls his coat collar up the hat stays tucked down in there so there isn't a gap for the air to sneak into. It will be one well used hat I'm sure. It's pretty cold in Utah and he does a lot of outside work so I'm sure it will become part of his outside wear. As soon as I can get a hold of him I'll get a picture of it in use.

I gave my mother in law her hat as well. It's not as long as I would like but she loves the length of it. I'm not sure how much she's used it but it is in her purse and her purse goes everywhere with her. She loved the color and did wear it around the house the night I gave it to her.

That's the only knitting as of late. We moved this last week. The Saturday before New Year's Eve we packed everything up and stayed with my in laws. We had no internet service for that time and I only had one knitting project with me (a pair of socks I hadn't started yet). The husband left on Monday and drove a Uhaul and me and the wee ones flew down on Thursday night (getting here at an unseemly hour on Friday morning). I've almost got the house totally unpacked and then I will tackle my yarn closet and everything that entails. The knitting will be breaking out soon!

And once that does knitting and blogging will resume a normal schedule. And pictures will be more frequent.

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